What We Offer

“Why would I benefit from having a Financial Plan?”

I like to think of Financial Planning in the following terms: One thing you need is money, it is what makes your goals and dreams a reality. The challenge is first to earn it and second to make it last long enough to cover your spending.

You could compare Financial Planning to planning for a vacation and the same approach can be used for your trip through life. You decide on the goals and dreams you have for yourself and your family, you mentally schedule when you hope to achieve each of these and then you find the money to do them.

The rewarding part of doing this process with a Professional Planner is that, rather than leaving the money to the end, we put the money part first. We write down those life long goals, we write down the mental schedule you have and we set out a realistic plan so the money will be available when you need it.

Let me tell you about the services and products we offer:


  • Personal and Family Financial Planning
  • Investment Analysis
  • RRSP and Tax Planning
  • Planning During your Retirement Years
  • Education Savings Plans and Trusts
  • Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Disability and Critical Illness Insurance Analysis
  • Estate Planning
  • Home mortgage review


  • Term Deposits and GIC’s
  • Mutual Funds
  • Segregated Funds
  • RESP’s
  • Insurance: Life, Medical, Disability, Travel, Critical Illness
  • Mortgages

“Why should I use a Professional Financial Planner to manage my own finances?”

The reason you work in the field you are in is because you are good at it, understand it and get personal fulfillment out of it. There are other things in life that you prefer not to do yourself and are willing to spend the money to get them done right. You leave it to the experts, or as I prefer to call them, your HEROes.

I have many heroes in my life, they are the people I respect and value. They free me up to be able to spend my time on the things I get the most reward from. Now what’s interesting about having heroes is that you don’t always understand exactly what they do. Instead you get to know them, determine if they are worthy of your trust and business, and then let them do what they do best.

Make me YOUR Financial Hero and together, we’ll plan YOUR trip through life!
Deborah McCulloch, Certified Financial Planner, MC Wealth Management